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About us

VALUES guide our conduct, define our mission, and strengthen our purpose

Since 1997, these values have shaped the way we conduct our business.

HMIC Company places trust at the center of every relationship—with customers, partners, subcontractors, associates, and fellow team members. HMIC's career development programs focus heavily on personal integrity, business ethics, and relationship skills. Leaders of the organization and those who aspire to leadership positions are expected to consistently demonstrate trustworthy behavior.

HMIC is responsible to team members, customers, and the communities in which we live and work. We take responsibility for our role and live up to our commitments. When mistakes are made, they are acknowledged and corrected without delay or excuse.

We develop our business in the context of our customers and support a customer service culture. We believe our future is secured by advancing the interests and development of our customers. Certainty of outcome has been ranked alongside trust as the reason customers place their confidence in HMIC.

We are committed to eliminating all worker injury. As a result of this commitment, every HMIC team member, every HMIC subcontractor, supplier, architect, engineer and customer can expect to return home as healthy as when they arrived.

People are HMIC’s greatest strength. We respect, protect, and advance the interests of our team members. HMIC people work together in a spirit of collaboration and trust to tackle the challenges of construction.

HMIC team members are beneficiaries of earlier generations and trustees of the future.  Perpetuation of the company is a responsibility all team members share. Accordingly, we carefully preserve and protect our financial resources. Doing so permits us to provide career opportunities for team members, growth and expansion of our business, and development of expanded services for the benefit of our customers.