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Equipment Department

Behind the scenes at every HMIC location, the Equipment Department is at work to guarantee the availability and performance of the company's fleet.  Mechanics, lube men, equipment superintendents, and equipment managers work diligently to maintain "The HMIC Standard" on every piece of HMIC iron.
HMIC’s Equipment Department is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of all of the equipment in the HMIC fleet, which ranges from cars and pickups, excavators and graders, to large dredgers and barges. In addition to maintaining the $3 million+ fleet, the Equipment Department manages the equipment from a business standpoint.  This takes into account factors such as usage, production, and evolving technology.  
The majority of Equipment Department personnel work directly out of Construction Division locations, but the Corporate Equipment Department works out of HMIC's corporate office in Ho Chi Minh City.  This group manages HMIC's pool fleet, which includes large machines that move from location-to-location.