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How am I assured that I won't pay more for my project than my budget will allow?

Our cost control services maximize your value.
A - Cost Estimating
Utilizing our extensive historical construction cost database and our substantial knowledge of current market costs, we provide you the essential data to enable you to maximize the value of your capital investment.  We are equally adept at estimating your project at its most conceptual phase to the point of completed documents, and every step in between.  The accuracy of all these estimates in unparalled in the industry, and enables you to make critical scope and quality decisions with a high level of reliability and trust. 
B - Value Engineering/Cost Benefit Analysis
During each phase of your project, we proactively analyze all aspects of a facility's design to balance performance and quality against initial and life cycle costs.  This collaborative effort between our staff and the design team, your owner’s team and our subcontractors and suppliers encompasses each building systems and material / equipment selection.
C - Cost Control
We utilize a flexible cost management system that will incorporate your internal reporting requirements with our own cost control policies and procedures.  Our project team will provide accurate and timely information for budget and cost status, trade contractor position and project payment records.  This data collection and analysis not only gives the team real-time cost status, but also identifies cost trends and forecast future expenditures.
D - Bidding/Purchasing/Procurement
Our procurement process begins with a thorough market analysis to ensure that we are aware of all the conditions which could affect costs and time, including manpower, material and equipment availability and trade contractor availability and capacity.  A significant component of this process is our subcontractor pre-qualification effort, which will assure the team that each individual trade contractor and supplier is capable and prepared to serve your project with the right staff, the right equipment and the right resources.  In addition, our supply chain management resources will deliver nationally competitive, volume discounted commodities and services to your project in support of our on-site management team.
Contract Administration
We provide a strict and disciplined process in managing and controlling contracts and contractor payments. This is tied directly to the methods we use on your behalf during bidding and procurement phases to secure the best possible resources for your project. We utilize a customized project management control system (PMCS) that organizes and tracks all elements of project documentation.
Change Order Management
One of our routine procedures is doing continuous check estimates on all trade contractor requests for price and/or time adjustment to assure that you are benefiting from fair-value-for-costs.
Safety Management/Loss Control
We know a safe construction environment protects employees, minimizes risk to the owner and generates mutually beneficial cost and time savings to all project team members. Your project will receive its own site-specific quality / safety / productivity plan which incorporates contractor, architect/engineer & owner requirements and processes.