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How do I know you will deliver my project on time?

Your input and participation are critical elements in our schedule control.
A - Scheduling
HMIC employs the use of a Critical Path (CPM) schedule as its primary project management control resource.  Development of this comprehensive document is one of our first tasks for our project team – beginning immediately upon selection.  This schedule will incorporate not only all of the construction-related activities and logic necessary to build the project, but also integrate your critical milestones, the designer’s detailed work schedule and any outside stakeholder’s requirements that could effect the progress of the job.  The analysis that goes into the development of this schedule will reflect the most effective and economic approach for your project, and enable the project team to work as efficiently and productively as possible. 
The CPM schedule is updated regularly, and additional scheduling tools, such as shutdown/tie-in work flows, two-week look-ahead charts and procurement and delivery milestones emanate from this master schedule to the benefit of our overall management processes.
B - Permitting
By identifying all specific reviews and permits required by a city, state and applicable federal agencies, we incorporate into the schedule the time for acquisition of these approvals to promote overall project success.
C - Site Utilization/Logistics Planning
A comprehensive plan for the logistical organization and use of the site during construction is developed and implemented. This plan addresses the unique qualities and characteristics of the project site and adjacent areas and is crucial in sequencing the construction process to maximize schedule efficiency. We develop our own CADD system documentation to ensure that all dimensions and relationships are portrayed and planned for as accuracy as possible.
D - Bidding/Procurement
We assess the time requirements for bidding and procurement for major project components and establish the most advantageous packages of work on which to obtain bids for all trade contracts. Our bidding and procurement process attracts maximum trade interest from pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers to achieve the most favorable competitive prices for your project.