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How do I know I'm getting the highest quality project possible and that it will meet my company's expectations?

Quality is inherent in all of our work.
A - Construction Supervision
We assemble a highly qualified and effective supervisory staff that has experience in construction operations in your market, your building type and with the size and scale of your project. These leaders have expertise in our project control systems to ensure cost and schedule parameters are met. They also understand the need for and initiate interactive communication with you and the project team to fully understand your expectations for quality.
B - Partnering
We conduct project partnering workshops throughout the life of each project to ensure that we understand and are aligned with you and other project participants. We clearly listen to your expectations and then we work diligently to exceed those expectations.
C - Quality Control
Our on-site personnel implement a formal three-step quality assurance and control system. This system focuses on prevention of non-conformance with regard to project work.  This system is integrated with our pre-planning efforts inherent with our Zero-Injury safety project.  This pre-planning and attention to detail prior to the installation of the work plays a significant role in eliminating errors, rework and poor quality installation. 
D - Document Control
Our document control procedures contain the flow of documents and correspondence in an organized, thorough manner. Our system consistently achieves timely and accurate processing of project information that ensures that the most current information is readily available to the entire project team.